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SAVAK - Fars province

To: Head of Police Force in Fars

Re: Activities of the Baha’i Sect


In accordance with the order received from the Bureau of Intelligence and National Security, in light of the nationwide increase of propaganda activities of the Baha’i sect, which has upset the community of Muslim clergy, such propaganda activities must be banned.  [Therefore], please take action accordingly to prevent all propaganda activities by the said sect, identify the printing houses that print and distribute Baha’i materials, and report your findings to this office.

Director of the Bureau of Intelligence and Security of Fars,- Parviz  

5-4-1-4, [date] 28/2/1344 [18 May 1965] copy to Shiraz Police and the Head of Police for monitoring and preventing activities of the Baha’i sect. The provisions of the letter must be actioned and results reported. Head of the Police Divisions in Fars Province

Brigadier Shah Khalili

Confidential and urgent

3/495 – [date] 29/3/1344 [19 June 1965] copy to Police Division for close monitoring and action as required; results to be reported accordingly

Head of Shiraz Police Force, Colonel II, Sayyid Mohammad