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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[A poem written by Mr Manouchehr Rowhani Najafabadi while in prison in Isfahan]


We don’t have secrets or evidence for our beloved, dear heart you know that

Our frantic love has become known, we don’t deny it, when would it be hidden?


At Thy threshold, O Friend, we offer hearts and soul, victorious is our rank

In the game of soul-offering, we do not doubt, even at the gallows, until Thou take it


Overflowing with Thy love, we do not know head from foot, neither do we sorrow for our soul

In the heart of the ailing one there is naught but Thy pain in the heart, Thou art our soul and spirit

Stupefied at Thy countenance all are mad and eager to offer the soul for the Covenant

We are a jewel but we lack the warmth of the market, as Joseph in quality


As manifested in our heart Thy life-giving glory, Thy Names and attributes

We became a sacrifice in Thee, we refuse to retreat, Thou art the soul of our souls


With our soul, the blazing fire of Thy love was mixed until it became paradise

We have no refuge or abode but this fire, the pleasant place


On the most superb horizon, Thou art hidden and yet famous, O Thou our goal and purpose

We observed and but for Thy mention, we do not think, are ever exposed


In Thy Abha flower-garden we are inebriated, singers of lyrics born of the wine of faith

Excepting Thee, we have neither flower, nor flower-garden, nor rosebush to soar above


We are Thy flock in the safe valley, spoiled and devoid of sorrow

We are unafraid of ferocity and the barbarous foe, as Thou art our Shepherd


We have given our hearts to Thee and adore only Thee, we have broken every idol

We t have no other idol to serve as our beloved; only Thee, our incantation


From Thy abode, O Friend, we expelled all except the Friend, we called on the pious

Come full force to Thy abode, as we are not strangers, with neither doubt nor qualm


We chose and bought Thy wonderful utterances, because we are a new creation

We have done away with the world’s outmoded ones, without argument


As we learned from Thy forgiveness, we reposed freely

We are ashamed of guilt for every small or large act, we can do naught but confess 


Seeking Thy good-pleasure, we are thankful day and night, are at Thy command and are patient

Thy will is our balance, Thou are our Protector


With a glance, cure all our ailments, help us in our affairs

Thy remembrance is our sole torch in the dark night, O Thou who givest light


We called the sons of beings to the abode of unity, with wisdom

We have neither estrangement nor hatred, nor have we battled in any age and time


Present Thy threshold to the feeble ones, alongside difficulty and tests, O Sign of holiness

Thou knowest that we do not have an abundance of fortitude, as we are the aged and the young ones


O Thou the pure mercy, from Thy bountiful clouds, rain down some drops from time to time for

For even as our parched lips pursue water, our eyes are fixed to Thy rain, O Thou water of life


Sorrowful out of our separation from Thee, charmed with meeting Thee, eager for Thy generosity

Rush to us, as at every moment we cling anxiously to the vision of Thy luminous countenance.