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2- Honourable Ayatollah Ghazi

Judiciary, Davar Avenue, Fourth floor


[Arabic verse] Grace and Blessings are God's, and God is the Omniscient, the Wise; therefore deal with them with justice, verily God loves the fair-minded.


In His Exalted Name


8 Aban 1363 [30 October 1984]

1- National Investigation Bureau - Mr. Marvy, [contact details]

The kindness and mercy of you Excellency moved this humble one, 87-year-old, Shamsi Khadem, to appeal for the release of my daughter who is the only source of hope at the end of this ailing old woman's life. I make my plea in light of a verse in the Holy Quran: [Arabic verse as above]. My daughter, Molouk Khadem, was taken to Rajaieshahr prison on 2 Mordad 1362 [24 July 1983], where she was held for thirteen months and was not allowed visitation. Presently, it has been three months that she is held in Shahid Kajouie's Training Centre at Evin, upper ward 3, room 2, and visitation is granted.  She suffers from an eye ailment, for which she was supposed to receive treatments before her imprisonment, and now if she does not receive treatments as soon as possible for the ailment, she will lose her sight, the greatest physical bounty. Hence, I humbly beg the Honourable President, for the sake of God, to order her release so to allow proper arrangements for her treatments. Perhaps, by your kindness and compassion, this ailing old woman and her beloved sick daughter can be healed through the mercy of God.

An ailing old mother, Shamsi Khadem


[Address:] [Redacted]