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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Peyk-e Iran

[Date:] 21 Mordad 1336 [12 August 1957]

[Issue No.:] 427


The Fight of Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola

Do Not Insult the Religion

It is rumoured that the owners of the Coca Cola factory (Gregory Mirza Tony and others) are trying to break into the Pepsi Cola market and are attempting to accuse the factory owner of being a Baha’i and abusing the good will of the clerical authorities and those of pure intentions for this purpose.

First of all, in my opinion, “cola” [as in soft drink], whatever it is, it is only a kolah (a hat), and in the eyes of the Shi’ite people, anyone who is not a Muslim or a Shi’ite Ali Valiyyollahi, is the same, no matter who he is. However, Sabet Pasal has not yet officially announced that he is a Baha’i or a Babi, and Gregory Mirza Tony, as is obvious from his name, is an Armenian and a non-Muslim.

Moreover, if we want to mix the religious beliefs with the matters of water and syrup, then the rule of “whoever is closer, prevents the farthest from coming closer” applies. The Baha’is, the Babis, the Azalis, and other sects, even the Ghadianis, are closer to us Muslims than the Armenians, because they accept the Holy Prophet and the Twelve Imams, may peace be upon Them and God bless Them. Only at the end, they disagree with us in saying that the Twelfth Imam has appeared, but we are waiting for His most glorious emergence. But Armenians are separated from us, right from the beginning and deny the Prophethood of Mohammad the Mustafa (PBUH) and the importance of the Imams.

And in simpler terms, we disagree with the Baha’is over His Holiness Hujjat Ibn al-Hassan, and with the Armenians over the five members of the family of Al-e Aba [family of Mohammad] , the Twelve Imams, the fourteen innocents, and other saints, and the chosen ones, and the martyrs, and the sincere, and the Imam descendants, and the jurists, and even the students of religious studies.

If we should not drink Pepsi Cola once, we should boycott drinking Coca Cola a hundred times!

Therefore, it would be good for Mr. Gregory Mirza Tony to come up with another idea to increase the sale of Coca-Cola. For example, to either make its bottles bigger, make better bottle contents, or a cheaper product, so that people would naturally give up Pepsi altogether and look for Coca Cola. Otherwise, these foolish tricks and deceptions cannot take him far; on the contrary, they will even make the Muslims more angry … and they will consider these tricks as an insult to religion and will completely avoid drinking Coca Cola.

Haj Muhammad-Hasan Razavi