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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone,


Registry Number:-----

Date:------Year-----132 [26 Tir 1325 17 July 1946]


From: Isfahan to T [Tehran]; Receipt number: 51325, Telegraph number: 6406; the date of original: 26, Date of receipt: 26/4/[1325]- [17 July 1946]


His Excellency the Prime Minister,

Copy to Ministry of the Interior,

Copy to Ministry of Justice


We, the humble escapees of Boroujen, are writing to bring to your attention that on 23/3/ [1325]-[14 July 1946] a group of residents of Boroujen, who were provoked by Mayor Hosein Madani, Seyyed Yahya Sotoudeh, investigator of Isfahan’s Department of Education, Kolahroudi, postal officer, Seyyed Fakhreddin Shariat, head of Notary Public Office, and Seyyed Zia Madani, preacher and brother of the mayor, subjected a few of us, the wronged ones, to beating and assaults, blaming us for not decorating and illuminating our houses. One of us who had been beaten by the mayor is close to death due to his injuries. They have destroyed our private places [houses], broken all doors, windows and furniture, looted the place and set fire to the rest of the furniture. They even cut down the trees of this place and caused enormous damage. They took away our freedom and security of our lives and dispersed everyone. By mistake, the authorities took eight of us to Shahr-e Kord instead of Boroujen, where we did not have access to write or send a telegraph. The enemies sent false reports to the esteemed authorities and left us totally helpless and worried. We request justice for our rights and security for our lives and possessions.


Badiollah Motamedi, Loftollah Homayouni, Hosein Fateh [Fatehi], Hosein- Ali Fatehi