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Ministry of the Interior

Governorate of Kashan

[Date: 6/4/24 (27 June 1945)]


The respected Head of the Office of Governorate of Kashan,


Respectfully, we bring to your attention that it has been a few years now, since Mr Abolghasem Ferdowsi Jasebi and his wife arrived in Aran and started spreading a religion which is against the indisputable religion of Islam. Every year a few young Muslim men and women have been steered away from the highway of Islam and onto the narrow erroneous lane of degradation. This has caused concern to some Muslims and though they have requested their departure from Aran, no one has listened. We ask that you order and also arrange for them to be sent to another place, wherever you decide, so the people can live at ease and comfort. The decision is your greatness.


Place of signature: 14 Muslims and Respectable people of Aran


Copy is the same as original [Signature] 11/4/24-[2 July 1945]