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30/9/1362 [21 December 1983]

Board of Directors of the Medical Council - Doctor Shaybani

With greetings, this is to inform you that as Gonbad-e Kavus Province has a shortage of medical practitioners and the city has been identified as a deprived locality, medical practitioners from other localities are brought in to service the needs of the area. At present, three doctors in this town, by the names of:

1- Dr. Enayatollah Tashakor, with 26 years’ experience in medical practice

2- Dr. Fariborz Sanaie, with three years’ experience in medical practice

3- Dr. Zekrollah Zayn, specialist in general surgery with seven years of medical practice

are under arrest for being Baha’is.  In light of the dire need for medical practitioners in this region, please order the release on bail of said doctors in accordance with current legislation and the principle of Islamic compassion, so that they may continue their work.  However, they are to present themselves to the authorities whenever necessary.

[Over 20 signatures of doctors at the bottom of the page]                                        

[The above-named 20 doctors] agree with the request

[signature over official stamp]


4/10/1362 [25 December 1983]