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In the Name of God


The Islamic Republic of Iran

Islamic Revolutionary Court of Gorgan


Date: 25/8/62 [16 November 1983]

Number: 14416



To the Revolutionary Guards in Gorgan 1-T

Subject: The properties of the perverse Baha’i sect


With reference to number 3/23-20-497, dated 21/8/ 62 [12 November 1983] and according to the views of the esteemed Sharia judge of the Gorgan’s Islamic Revolutionary Court, there is no objection to confiscation of the properties of the members of the Assembly whose affiliation to the House of Justice and Israel is certain.  You are hereby requested, while [you are] preparing a list of hoarded items [and] discovered books, to deliver them over to this Court. % z


On behalf of Ali Akbar Arab

The Islamic Revolutionary Court of Gorgan


[Signed over the official stamp]

[Stamp]: indexed

[Official stamp with number and date]


Entry in the registry of the Secretariat of the Revolutionary Guards in Gorgan

Registration number: 6

Action taken by: Intelligence [Office]

Date of entry: 25/8/62 [16 November 1983]