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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education


No 720/11890

Date: 19/1/1368 [8 April 1989]


To:  Bank Melli, Narmak Branch

From: Department of Finance and Financial Comptroller – Retirement Head Office.


According to letter number 6777 [dated] 28/9/1367 [19 December 1988], from the Legal department and the Parliament Affairs Office of the Prime Minister, and based on decision number 2-67 made by the Court of Administrative Justice in Aban 1367 [October/November 1988], there is no impediment to the payment of the pension to Mrs. Ghodsi Rezvani, who holds a saving account number [redacted] at your Branch.


Masoud Deedehvar

Financial Comptroller for Department of Finance Head Office

[For Debaj]


Signature on Official Seal

Recipient of a copy:

1- Retirement,   Centre for Identification

Record number:[redacted]