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Islamic Republic of Iran

Mazandaran University

Central Organization

In the Name of God

Number: MDPSH/19/H

Date: 22/2/1361[12 May 1982]

Enclosure -----

Verdict of the Admissions Board of Mazandaran University


Mr. Erfanollah Masoumian-Behnamiri

Student of Mechanics, Fanni Faculty, student number [redacted], commencement of course 1358 [1979], units passed ----- average -----

You are hereby notified that owing to:

1- Affiliation with the illegal and perverse Baha’i sect

In accordance with:

Report of the investigation team and according to your own admission [of being a member of the Baha’i sect] and in accordance with Section 1 of Paragraph D of the Student Admissions Executive By-law, you are not granted permission to continue your studies.

In addition, you are prohibited from requesting a Certificate as specified under the requirements for granting Associate Diplomas and Degrees, enacted by the Cultural Revolution Headquarters on 22/6/1361[13 September 1382]

In the event that you object to this verdict, you may submit your objection, together with related documents and [a statement of your] reasons within 5 days of receipt of this letter, to the Admission Board at Babolshahr, Pasdaran Street, University Central Organisation, PO Box 444 by registered mail and with your correct return address.


1- Complaints that do not include the address of the student will not be considered.

2- The Admissions Board will respond to your complaint within 25 days of the receipt of the objection.


[signature over official stamp]