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Islamic Republic

[Illegible] Imam Hassan Askari

Area 14, Siman Bridge

[Illegible stamp]

Telephone: 595249

Date: 25/6/1358 [16 September 1979]



In the Name of God

Shahr-e Rey Central Committee of the Islamic Revolution and suburbs’ committees

As all cemeteries located on Asgarabad Road have been relocated, the Baha’i cemetery must also move to another location. This is pursuant to the request made by the Baha’is to build a new cemetery, and I, Sayyid[i] Ali [illegible] Imam's representative have been ordered by Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Montazeri to attend to this matter.  Accordingly, they [the Baha’is] are permitted to build the cemetery and bury their dead in [illegible] abad Kahrizak-Shahr-e-Rey, the land of which belongs to them. No one is permitted to harass them. Furthermore, Mr. Soltani who is a trusted cleric in Shahr-e Rey has been appointed to supervise the construction of the cemetery and [the] farming activities [of the Baha’is].

May God guide everyone to the right path

[Official stamp and name]









[i] An honorific denoting people accepted as descendants of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad