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Islamic Republic of Iran

Imam Hasan Askari Mosque

Area 14, Siman Bridge, Shahr-e Rey

[official stamp] Imam Hasan Askari Mosque


Telephone: [illegible]

Date: 9/6/1358 [31 August 1979]

Number: -----


In the Name of God, the Exalted

This is hereby to inform you that effective the above noted date until further notice and further instructions from the relevant authorities, the Baha’i sect can bury their dead in Kabirabad village in their own lands. This permission has been granted to me through the authorities and the Office of the Prime Minister. It is our ardent hope that the almighty may direct us all to the right path and prosperity. [Arabic verse][God has guided them through the right path and the path of the Resurrection]


Seyyed Ali Ghayouri



[official stamp] Islamic Revolutionary Comite of Imam Khomeini – Imam Hasan Askari Mosque