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Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting

In the Name of God

Date: 22/1/1362 [11 April 1983]

Number: 11-1158


To:  Manager, Accounts Department

From:  Office of Administration

Subject: Termination of retirement pension owing to permanent dismissal

You are hereby informed that Mrs. Parvaneh Ranjbar, retiree of the organization, employee number [illegible] has been sentenced to the permanent termination of her employment, as decided by the Primary Division of the Human Resource Restructuring Office of Iran Broadcasting. Her retirement pension will therefore be terminated in accordance with Verdict Number 11-2417 dated 6/11/1357 [26 January 1979], effective 16/11/1361 [26 January 1983].

Please proceed to finalize Mrs. Parvaneh Ranjbar’s account.

Explanation: Letter number 11-3426 dated 23/12/1361 [14 March 1983] in respect of the quashing of the appointment order and -----.is hereby ----- fictitious

Manager of the Finance Department

Mohasen Kamali


Copy: Primary Division of Human Resource Restructuring Office

Pension Bureau, for information and action, noting that the verdict concerning her reinstatement has been effected in letter number 7207 [illegible] dated 1/11/1359 [21 January 1981] and registered in the Organization’s register under number [illegible].

Personnel Office

Pensions and Salaries Office

Finance Office - Retirement Accounts

Security Office

Office of Social Affairs and Welfare

Health Centre

Mrs. Parvaneh Ranjbar