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Islamic Republic of Iran

In the Name of the Most High

Ministry of Defense and Support for the Armed Forces

From: Department of Insurance and Retirement [illegible]

To: Retired Captain Ahmad Ghofrani

Re: Termination of Pension

Number: 38749

Date: 18/4/1374 [9 July 1995]

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Reply to Report dated 5/4/1374 [26 June 1995]

As previously informed in [our] letter dated 7/2/1373 [27 April 1994], Ref: 38749, your retirement pension was terminated in accordance with the letter of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor and its reinstatement requires an order from that Authority.

Head of Department of Insurance and Retirement - General Imami

On behalf of: [name and signature] 17/4/1374 [8 July 1995]

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