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Ministry of the Interior


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Office of the Governor of Golpayegan

Pursuant to telegram number 2672, dated 15 Azar 1325 [6 December 1946], regarding Habibollah Nasiri, we convey the following.

The decision of the Provisional Committee organized at the office of the governor was announced to the aforementioned individual by the police headquarters.  He objected to the allotted time period and appealed for reconsideration. In view of the contents of the file and lack of prior criminal conviction, the Appeals Committee, in its 6 Bahman 1326 [27 January 1948] meeting, vacated the decision of the provisional committee and exempted the aforementioned individual from the recommended punishment.


Minister of the Interior

A copy is being sent for information to the Political Office in reply to letters number 14553 and 10994.

On behalf of the Minister of the Interior - Signature