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In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Bonyad e-Mostazafan Foundation of Mazandaran Province - "Salmanshahr"

Number [illegible]

Date 12/2/1361 [2 May 1982]

Enclosure -----

No excuse is acceptable before God and before the movement. "Imam Khomeini"


Mr. Payman Lesani

In view of the general policies of Bonyad e-Mostazafan Foundation, you can no longer be a tenant under this Foundation.  Hereby, Tenancy Agreement number 196 dated 19/10/1360 [9 January 1982] of this foundation is annulled. Therefore, you are requested to contact the Real Estate Division of this Foundation for any enquiries you may have [regarding this ruling].

Administrator of Bonyad e-Mostazafan Foundation of Salmanshahr

[signature over official stamp]

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