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Islamic Republic of Iran

Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO)

Date 12/4/1359 [3 July 1980]


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In the Name of God

As decreed by the eminent clerics in jurisprudence; Rabbani Shirazi Daste Ghayb and Mahallati, it is prohibited for the Treasury to make remittances to Baha’is and those who do not abide by this order will be considered as violators.  Accordingly, all those companies that fall under the Organization for the Expansion and Renovation of the Industries of Iran are responsible to identify such violators among their employees and must immediately suspend their employment and forward their files to the Commission for the Cleansing of Development and Modernization in Tehran, for its investigation.

The Interim Ministry for Industries and Head of the Board of Directors

Hasan Sadr


14/4/1359 [5 July 1980]

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[Article excerpted] from the 9/4/59 [30 June 1980] edition of the newspaper “Jamhuri Eslami” and based on article 240 of the State Employment Law.

Personnel Department- For reference to personnel projects and the follow up on possible identification of such individuals



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