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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Payaam

[Date:] 18 Shahrivar 1398 [9 September 2019]


Prevent Enrolment of the Baha’i Student at High School Level

According to a published report, on Monday, 18 Shahrivar [9 September], the Education Department barred a Baha’i student from enrolling in high school.

According to this report, Borna Pirasteh, a distinguished Baha’i student from Semnan, has not been able to continue his education in his former high school. It is said that the Education Department wrote a letter to the director of Saadat High School in the city asking [him to] hand over [Borna Pirasteh’s] file and prevent him from registering.

According to a source close to this Baha’i citizen’s family, yesterday, the director of Saadat High School called Borna Pirasteh’s family to come to the high school to pick up their child’s file. After [they arrived], they were told that by order of the Department of Education, it was not possible for him to enrol in this high school because he was a Baha’i. Despite the ban on Baha’i citizens’ studying at universities, they are sometimes barred from attending lower education.