Parviz Bayani

Born: 16 July 1945, Miandoab, Western Azerbaijan

Executed by firing squad in Tehran on 23 July 1980


Parviz Bayani worked as a junior officer for 14 years in Piranshahr army barrack. In 1979 he was accused of teaching the Baha’i Faith and of ploting attacks for the capture of the barrack with a few other Baha’is.  In the early days of the Islamic Revolution, the disciplinary court of the Army sentenced him to two months imprisonment.  However, in April 1980, during the visit of the Purge and Reconstruction Board to the barrack, he was called to Urmia for interrogation. Three days passed, and he did not return.  Following his wife’s investigation, she found that he was imprisoned. In July, he was transferred to Evin prison in Tehran.  Until then no visits were allowed, and the family were in contact with him through correspondence.  At 3 am on 23 July 1980, he was executed by firing squad. His body was sent from the coroner’s office to the Behesht-e Zahra (the Muslim cemetery). After three days of persistent effort and the promise of not burying him in any other town, his body was finally released to his family. On his chest in large writing was written: ‘Baha’i- named Parviz Bayani’.  He was buried in the presence of his family in the Baha’i cemetery in Tehran.


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