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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Verdict number: 112

Date: 1 Bahman 1361 [21 January 1983]


Administered by: The Primary Division of the Office for the Restructuring of Human Resources  

Allegations: Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect

Proceedings: In its meeting of 1 Bahman 1361 [21 January 1983] the Office for the Restructuring of Human Resources considered the allegations against Mrs. Parvaneh; Surname: Ranjbar; Daughter of: Gholam-Hosein; Born in [redacted]; Identification number: [redacted]; Issued in [redacted]; Position: Retired; Work History: 1 year; Place of Employment: County Affairs; Archivist; Employee number: [redacted]; Education: Year 9; Married/single in its meeting of 1 Bahman 1361 [21 January 1983] and having reviewed the documents presented it declares its verdict as follows:



In light of the case documents and the investigatory report together with the confession and the defence of the accused and other related evidence, the allegations against the accused are established and proven and her offence(s) are:

1. Membership in the perverse sect that has been declared by the consensus of the Muslims to be contrary to Islam, paragraph 8, section 11 and.

2- ---- Subject Paragraph. ----- Article. -----.and

3- ---- Subject Paragraph. ----- section. -----.and

4- ---- Subject Paragraph. ----- section. -----.and

[The accused] is sentenced to permanent termination from government employment in accordance with Paragraph 11, Section 20 of the Human Resources Restructuring Act (Ministries, Government and Government-related Organizations) dated 5 Mehr 1360 [27 September 1981]. This verdict is final and enforceable in accordance with Section 46 of the said Act. Appeal may be made to the Review Board within 15 days of the date the verdict is served.

Primary Board of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Broadcasting Section