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Execution of the Imam Khomeini’s Order [EIKO], the heaven of God be upon him

(Properties held by Islamic Jurist [Vali Faqih])

In the Name of God

Date:  22 Dey 1370 [12 January 1992]

Number: Vahdat/34/4/S

Enclosure: -----


Mrs. Vahdat-Hagh

You are hereby invited to be present at this office [executive committee] on the afternoon of 23 Dey 1370 [13 January 1992] at 2:00 p.m. as informed, together with the papers and documents. 

The necessary documents are as follows:

1. The original and the copy of the ownership document

2. The bill for the water, gas, electricity and telephone

3. The tax bill

4. Your postal code


[Official stamp] Legal Deputy


On behalf of deputy [illegible]


Address of the [Executive] Committee:  Ustad [Motahhari] Street after Ghaem Magham Farahani, corner of Golriz, number 286

Brother Ebadi