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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Office of Attorney General of the Islamic Republic of Iran


In the Name of God



Islamic Republic of Iran

Date:  14/02/1361 [4 May1982]

Number:  3


Landlord:  Office of the Revolutionary Prosecutor

Tenant:  Mr Yadollah Esfandiari

Address: [redacted]


First rent payment:


Debt: There is no outstanding debt; [the tenant] has deposited [the rent] for the months of Farvardin and Ordibihasht [March and April] to account number 90001 of the Office of Munkarát[1], [the tenant] previously sent payments directly to Paridokht Khazae.

Rental Amount: 20,000 rial

Pending further notice regarding the final decision concerning the property you rented, monthly rental plus previous amounts owing should be remitted to the Revolutionary Prosecutor’s office, account number 1560 at Melli Bank, Ghasr Branch and provide a legible copy of a bank receipt to the Prosecutor’s office:  failure to pay the rent promptly will result in the issuing of an eviction order.

Office of the Revolutionary Prosecutor of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Enforcement office

[Illegible name]



[1] [Munkarát:  The organization that forces Islamic values, in the Ministry of Intelligence]