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His honour Hojjatol-Islam Seyyed Yahya Ja‘fari

Esteemed Friday [Prayer] Imam of Kerman


With respect it is submitted,


According to your instructions, on Tuesday we approached the Department of Education but were told to return on Thursday in order to get the final response.


Today at 8:00 am a group of us approached the same mentioned offices again, but unfortunately we were not permitted to meet with any of the authorities and there were no instructions for us either.


We are requesting that you please let us know what our children are to do. Would it be possible to have another separate school for our children or for the Heads of the schools to give us the files of our children so we can approach other cities, or would it be possible for the children to participate in the Public Examination? In other cities Baha’i children are continuing their schooling and this problem has only arisen in Kerman. According to the Constitution, which you know better than anyone else, education to the end of secondary school is free and obligatory for all Iranians and it is not permissible to deny anyone’s citizenship or their allegiance to their country.


With utmost respect,

On behalf of the parents of the dismissed Baha’i students