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[Date:] 26 Shahrivar 1398 [17 September 2019]


Examining the Role of Organizational Culture in Spirituality in the Workplace in North-western Islamic Propaganda Offices (Thesis)

Emerging Religious Movements and Deviant Schools, year 1378 (2008)

The scientific report of the series of Andisheh desk meetings in the year 1387 (2008) which was held in order to identify, critique and scientifically examine emerging religious movements in the Office of Planning Applied Research and Training of the Islamic Development Organization in the year 1387 (2008), in the form of a collection on emerging religious movements and deviant schools, compiled and published in 100 pages...

The Baha’i sect, which was born in Iran during the Qajar period, took advantage of this opportunity to spread propaganda in the 1960s and 1970s, at the same time as the social revolution, and this factor led to the rapid growth of this sect in the world. The fourth and fifth sessions, entitled Baha’ism, new organizational and propaganda efforts while screening and analysing the film of the last Baha’i World Congress in New York, USA, in 1992, has addressed issues such as the history, goals, organizational and propaganda framework, and methods of handling the Baha’i administration...