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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ostovar-e Qom

[Date:] 30 Shahrivar 1334 [22 September 1955]

[Issue No.:] 1322


The Times of London Has Named the Seed That the British Nurtured In the Embryo of Enmity With Islam, A Religious Minority

Baha’ism is not a religion, but a perverted sect that the [British] Intelligence Service created in Iran, to produce conflict and disunity, and [of which it] has made significant use over the course of a century. The Times newspaper took advantage of the time to discuss the mourning ceremonies of Ashura [tenth day of Muharram] in Iran, and by referring to the situation in Tehran and Qom, wrote a commentary about the Baha’is, whose main intention is [expressed in] these two sentences:

“The government of Iran has succeeded in thwarting the efforts of irresponsible religious officials who want to interfere in politics”, [and], “After all, the Iranian government is determined to protect the rights of religious minorities and to prevent the clerics who want to regain their lost dominance by threatening the rights of religious minorities.”

First of all, the world knows before anyone else that government law enforcement officials occupied the Baha’i corruption centres in Tehran and the provinces, because they considered the existence of this sect to be detrimental to independence. And again, the world knows that the clergy have confirmed the actions of the government and the officials in charge in this regard, and with the approval of the government, numerous telegrams and detailed petitions were submitted by the Muslim groups to the higher authorities. When the Times writes, “(the law enforcement officials everywhere were ready to fight the riots that they were expecting to be carried out against the Baha’is by the religious groups)”, [it must be noted that] the law enforcement officials had never made such a prediction. But it was the Times [newspaper] and the instigators of the dispute in the East who expected that. Fortunately, their hopes were dashed away.

In another part [of the article], he presents the Baha’i sect as a religion and says that the Iranian government is determined to [illegible] …

The honourable director of the Times [newspaper] knows better than us that Baha’ism is not a religion, because they created this cancer themselves and spread it to Iran to fight the Shiite religion. The director of the Times and the writers of the Times are well aware of why the British Intelligence Service instigated the Bab’s and Baha’s upheaval in Iran and how the foreign policy inspired the missionaries on their behalf.

As time went on, they prepared classic books for the students of their school of mischief. Now they are wearing a religious costume [in front of] them in order to exploit them, and consider them amongst the religious minorities. But by pronouncing the word “halva” [a Middle Eastern sweet], one’s mouth does not become sweet. This shop [Baha’i Faith], which was opened by the British to fight Islam and to the detriment of Islam, will not become legitimate, no matter how much they strive.

Half a century ago, when our constitution was written, the same misguided sect existed in Iran and, with a history of half a century, they were not worth anything. Our constitution, in addition to the [religion of] Islam and the Jafari sect, recognizes three deeply rooted religious minorities, each of which is equal to Muslims in terms of laws and regulations. All Muslims and clerics, by adhering to Islamic rules and national laws, have always particularly respected and will respect them. But the Baha’i sect, which is a politically destructive population, is outside the realm of religion. If your policy deemed it appropriate to bring some Indian cow-worshippers to Iran tomorrow and by building a few (cowsheds)―according to your own words―build another (religious minority), no one will ever be fooled by this trick of yours.

Our constitution does not recognize more than three [religious] minorities. You and the world have recognized the regime of our country; therefore, I am asking you to please stop provoking.

But as for what is said about the (lost dominance) of the clerics, you know that the Iranian clerics dominate the hearts of the people by propagating the rules of Islam―and they have no other occupation except this―that they may lose it. As in the recent incident of the Baha’is, this was the institution of the clergymen who took care of the thoughts and methods of society and worked closely with the law enforcement officials.