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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Gold and Jewellery, Watches, and Optical Wear of Abadan

In the Name of the Almighty

Date:  10/1/90 [30 March 2011]

Number:  3



Manager of Jam-e Jam Optical, Mr. Rezaie


Further to letter number 26, dated 10/1/90 [30 March 2011], from the respected Trade Affairs Association in Abadan, and letter number 111337410843, dated 16/11/89 [5 February 2011] from the police in charge of public places in Abadan, pertaining to the negative answer concerning your business unit, you are hereby asked to surrender your work licence as soon as possible within 24 hours of this notice, and proceed to gather and remove all merchandise and inventory from the location.  Failure to comply with this order will, based on the policy, result in the closure and sealing of your unit.

Head of the Union Association [of suppliers of gold and similar goods] in Abadan

Mostafa, [last name illegible]

[signature over official stamp]

Trade affairs association

[Enclosure: Business licence for optical wear pertaining to Mr. Hedayatollah Rezaie Dashti, issued on 11/6/85 (2 September 2006), expiration date 11/6/95 (1 September 2016).]