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[From:]  MRA 4. Birjand (Headquarters Position)

[To:]  Refer to [the list of] recipients

Subject: Harassment against the Baha’i community of Qaenat



Imperial Land Forces



Number: 201-40/949

Date: 12/11/1357 [1 February 1979]

Enclosure: -----

Confidential [seal]


In accordance with the information received, and the report of the Assembly of the Baha’i community of Qaenat, recently, most of the Baha’is of this region have been the subjects of physical violence, their possessions have been looted and some of them have been threatened with murder. Consequently, most of them spend the nights in the desert and mountain in cold and snowy weather. Considering the eighth, ninth and thirteenth amendments to the constitutional law, and Article 343 of the Army’s Criminal Code of Procedure, [you are] strongly ordered to stop the assaults against the above-named and prevent the attempts to burn their residences.


Headquarters, Education Core 4, Birjand – Brigadier Saghafi



Head of Birjand Police Force, for your information and the fact that a person by the name of Ali Soltani Hosein Abadi, [occupation] carpet-seller in Birjand, is one of the agitators of these events;


F Birjand, Gendarmerie troops, for [your] information and research and investigation to find out if the Baha’is in the villages below have been the subject of assaults – Nowferest – Azroon – Zirg – Khunik – Gaz,

Commanders of the military regions of Birjand – Ferdows – Qaen – Torbat-e Heydarieh – Kashmar;


Assembly of the Baha’i Faith, with reference to the report dated 11/11/57 [31 January 1979] for information.


Confidential [seal]