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Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor

Record of interrogation and proceedings

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Court classification 579/74/D

Verdict number: 548/74/D-R


On 25 Ordibehesht 1374 [15 May 1995], a session of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Yazd was conducted by the undersigned for a hearing pertaining to file number 70/59/333. The court reviewed the contents of the file, and pronounced the investigation as having concluded by issuing the following verdict:

Court Verdict

Concerning file number 70/59/333, the case of Abdol-Hosein Sabeti Aliabadi, son of Ali-Akbar:  In light of the contents of the file and report number 66907/M-233, dated 19 Ordibehesht 1374 [9 May 1995], from the Yazd Department of Intelligence, which indicates that the aforementioned is a Baha'i and all his children are also connected to the perverse Baha’i sect, the court therefore rules, according to the blessed law of Imam Khomeini, that all of his assets be confiscated for the benefit of the Imam's Executive Board of Yazd.


Chief Justice of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice, Branch 1, Yazd


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Enforcement Order - Fallah [signature]

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Recorded in the Office [Illegible]


6 Khordad 1374 [27 May 1995]