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3 Mehr 1373 [25 September 1994]

Commander, Police Station Number 5

I refer respectfully to letter number 401/45/1267 - 5 Shahrivar 1373 [27 August 1994]:  if Mrs. Sholeh Misaghi, the occupant of the property confiscated from Dr. Amanollah Misaghi, does not comply with the [ordered] evacuation of the property, [thus] preventing the execution of the sentence to confiscate it, you are directed to inform the representative of [the organization] and, while respecting all legal and religious standards, enter the property, prepare a list of all equipment on the premises and [arrange for its] delivery to the representative of the collection agency, who is to sell the confiscated assets [for the benefit of this] organization and then [issue a final report] at the conclusion [of this assignment].

Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor

Judgment Enforcement Assistant, Office of the Prosecutor