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In the Name of God

Trade Union Supervisory Commission

Fourth Session of the Supervisory Commission

Session date: 13 Tir 1397 [4 July 2018]

Session start and end time: 12:30 to 14:30

Venue: Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade in Qaemshahr

Subject under review:

7- Sealing of Commercial Units


Statute endorsed at the meeting:

Pursuant to item 2 of the Statute dated 19 Khordad 1397 [30 May 2018] of the Supervisory Commission in the City of Qaemshahr, in review of Court Order number 9609970900503689, dated 26 Bahman 1396 [15 February 2018], and the addendum, the rulings of Branch 32 of the Court of Administrative Justice requiring the opinion of the Supervisory Commission for the cities pertaining to the circumstances of the sealing of the commercial units of sects and groups related to the following individuals: 1. Farzad Sabeti Bourkheyli, 2. Fariborz Sanaie, 3. Rezvanieh Samiei Bourkheyli, 4. Soheil Haghdoost, 5. Shahim Akbari Amrei, 6. Kourosh Ahmadzadegan Shahmirzadi, 7. Alaoddin Mirzaie, 8. Sohrab Laghaie, 9. Zahra Golabian, 10. Bahaoddin Samimi Darzikolaie, 11. Adel Ataian Kafshkarkolaie, 12. Changiz Derakhshanian, the matter was discussed in the meeting and after consultation and review by the members of the Supervisory Commission, in light of Article 17 of the Trade Union Law, and given that in the view of one of the investigating organs (the Disciplinary Force), the provisions of Article 17 of the Trade Union Law have been violated by the commercial licencees, the issue of the sealing by the Disciplinary Force was returned to the Disciplinary Force, in order [for the licencees to make efforts] to observe the provisions of the said Article so as to facilitate the removal of the sealing.

[Official stamp of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade in Qaemshahr]

Legal Citation:

Article 17 of the Trade Union Law


Liable for investigation:

Chamber of Commerce and Headquarters of the police force