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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Branch of Revolutionary Court of Ministry of Justice Administration of Bahar


Justice Administration Islamic Republic of Iran

[Enclosure 10-A of Report number 45]

Letter Number: 9310118130900034

File Number: 9109988131500850

Branch Archival Reference Branch:  920256

Date of Issuance:  16/02/1393 [6 May 2014]



Headquarters of the police force in Bahar, Public Places Supervision Office[1]

Salutations and greetings;

In regards to case reference 9109988131500850 concerning Messrs. 1.  Kamran Aghdasi Yekta; 2.  Samandar Aghdasi Yekta, sons of Rahmatollah, on charges of propaganda against the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, subject of court order number 9309978130900119, dated 13/02/1393 [3 May 2014], given that they were acquitted [by the court], it is requested that the seal on their shop be removed and confirmation be sent to this court.

Prosecutor, Islamic Revolutionary Court of Bahar



Address:  Bahar

[Stamp:] Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, Justice Administration of Bahar

[signed and dated:]  16/2/93 [6 May 2014]





[1] : [Public Places Supervision Office (Amakin):  Reportedly responsible for the enforcement of accepted moral codes in places of work and other offices.]