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In the Name of God



Number: 3254/14/58/1/52

Date: 2 Mordad 1386 [24 July 2007]


From: The Public Intelligence and Security Force – Public Places

To: The Head of the Office of Culture and Islamic Guidance of the City of Gonbad [e-Kavus]

Subject: Printing and distributing books and publications promoting the Baha’i sect and other perverse sects


Greetings to you,

“Peace be upon Mohammad and His progeny”,

We respectfully inform you that the reports we have received indicate that the Baha’i publishing establishment and other centres belonging to the Jews in Germany, France, Israel and [almost certainly] in other countries, have recently taken action to publish books and pamphlets on subjects such as: Ruhi, faith-related [matters], teaching, glad tidings, admonitions, moral conduct, and prayers. Also, the book, “The Meaning of ‘There is No God but God’ and its Implications and Effects on Individuals and the Islamic Society”, (written by Saleh Al-Fawzan, translated by Ishaq bin Abdullah and edited by Al-Oufi, has been published by the deputy of Press and Scientific Research of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Historic Sites of Saudi Arabia), and then they have distributed [all these publications] throughout the country.

Therefore, considering the importance of the matter, explain to all the centres engaged in the printing, distribution, publication and book selling covered under your jurisdiction, that [after] removing the printed materials, [they must] also refrain from the publications and distribution of the mentioned books.

Obviously, should you encounter any violation, confront them according to the regulations.

The Head of Public Intelligence and Security Police, Gonbad [e-Kavus]

On behalf of Lieutenant Colonel Pasdar Tashakkori [signature]


[Note under the letter:]

In the Name of God,

Register in the records book and convey to the relevant trade unions.

[Signature] 17 Mordad 1386 [8 August 2007]


Recipient: The honourable chairman of the Association for Union Affairs, to inform the trade union, take action and announce the result to this police station.



Respected bookstores and stationery guilds of the City of Gonbad [e-Kavus], It is requested that you announce the content of this notice to your esteemed co-workers who are selling books and stationery. 

Seifollah Beigzadeh, The head of the Association for Union Affairs of Gonbad-e Kavus [signature] 

[Stamps of registration at the office of the Association for Union Affairs, Gonbad-e Kavus, and signature]

Number: 970

Date: 22 Mordad 1386 [13 August 2007]