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Date: 133----- [-----195-]

No: 2241 RS



Ministry of the Interior

Department: -------

In replying to correspondence, letters and digits that supplement the number are to be quoted with the number.


[Direct confidential]


Office of the Governor

According to the reports received, the members of the Baha’i sect, since the [dissolution of the assembly], although they hold no meetings or promotional activities there, meet in one another’s homes in groups consisting of men, women and children, under the guise of family gatherings, for the fulfilment of their religious duties. Since, according to Article 21 of the Amendments to the Constitution, it is illegal to hold gatherings that cause religious or civil sedition or disrupt order, [you must] prohibit such gatherings. Monitor this matter tactfully and amicably, and in line with legal obligations, take action to prevent such gatherings.

Minister of the Interior

[handwritten note, number at the margin of the page]