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Islamic Republic of Iran

Central [Office of] Public Prosecutor of Islamic Revolutionary


In the Name of God,


[Date:] 18 Azar 1360 [9 December 1981]

[Number:] 16828/30


Ministry of Labour and Social Relations,


In relation to the request of the Zamzam Company affiliated with the Mostazafan Foundation, regarding the dismissal of employees who are members of the perverse Baha’i sect, it is imperative that an order be issued to stop payment of salaries and, severance of employment to such employees. It is self-evident that to pay the people of this sect from the Beytu’l-Mall[1] needs a religious decree from the Chief Jurist of the Islamic Revolutionary Court.


Public Prosecutor of Central Islamic Revolutionary

[Signature: Over the Official Stamp]


Copy to the Zamzam Company, in connection to the letter number 3542, dated 14 Azar 1360 [5 December 1981] is being sent for information and follow-up.

Office of the Factory of the Zamzam Company

[Number:] 7225

[Date:] 25 Azar 1360 [16 December 1981]  


[Handwritten Note at the bottom of this page]

Zamzam Khuzestan: For information and action

[Number:] 463/4

[Date:] 30/12/1360 [21 March 1982]


[Handwritten Note at the top of this page]

[Administration:] For information and Action [Signature]



[1] [Public treasury]