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Office of the Prime Minister

Number: 1627

Date of Final Copy: 15 Azar [1322] [7 November 1943]

Date of Registration: 20 Azar 1322 [12 November 1943]





Ministry of Education

Enclosed is a copy of the report of the Office of Post and Telegraph of Sangsar regarding the establishment of two schools for boys and girls there by some Baha’is. Orders are to be issued that the matter be investigated and interrogation [be held]. Moreover, find out how they have established the schools without official permission.

The Prime Minister


[Margin: 1] Dabiran, 14 Azar 1322 [6 December 1943]

[Margin: 2] Copy to be prepared, 19 Azar 1322 [11 December 1943]

[Margin: 3] Copy was prepared, 20 [Azar 1322] [12 December 1943]