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Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of Tehran


In the Name of God

Date: 21 Farvardin 1361 [10 April 1982]

Number: 24754

Enclosure -----

16 Shahrivar 1368 [7 September 1989] The Supreme Leader: after consideration and with the approval of Hojjatol-Islam Mr. Nayyeri, the judgment is final and enforceable and the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor in Gonabad will be responsible to carry it out.

The Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice, Branch 5

Mohammad Aghaie

[Signature over official stamp]

Tehran, Branch 5


In the Name of God

On 28 Mordad 1371 [19 August 1992] in enforcement of the order of the Supreme Leader dated 16 Shahrivar 1368 [7 September 1989] the enclosed file and judgment related to the Varjavandis and others referred thereto, were considered in an out-of-session hearing. This court, empowered by the Supreme Leader, has reviewed the file documents and the judgment, and noting the departure of said individuals [from the country], approves the Order for their extradition. This judgment is final, religious, and enforceable. The Office of the Revolutionary Prosecutor in Gonabad is assigned responsibility for following the [enforcement of this Order].

Sharia Judge of Branch one, Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice, Tehran

Hosein-Ali Nayyeri

[Signature over official stamp]

Branch [illegible]