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In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Interrogation Transcript and Minutes

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Name: Aminollah

Surname: Taleb [illegible] Ezatollah

Branch: 42

Date: 23/10/1364 [13 January 1986]

Case Reference: [illegible]


Head of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran

With greetings, in the matter of the allegations against 1- Ezatollah Taleb, 2- Aminollah Taleb, son of Ezatollah, according to the investigations and the [related] file documents, they are active members of the perverse Baha’i sect. Accused number 2 is a fugitive and is actively conspiring against the Islamic Republic from abroad. These individuals fled the country to oppose the Revolution and to maintain their financial interests. They have absconded with a significant portion of their assets so as to enable them to continue to live their disgraceful lives. They have left some assets behind and will definitely try to sell them with the aid of their collaborators and then transfer the funds abroad. The Chief Justice of the Court is asked to confiscate their assets, as the case must be investigated further and to ensure said assets are not disposed of and their debts are paid. You will note that said individuals are members of the perverse Baha’i sect and accused number 2 is a fugitive living abroad. Their assets are identified as follows

1- Two shares of the first story and two shares of the fourth story of the building situated at Iranshahr [redacted] belong to Aminollah Taleb, son of Ezatollah. In conclusion please appoint a supervisor [illegible]

Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of Tehran in [illegible] matters

[Illegible stamp]