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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

In the Name of God

Number: 22149/630

Date: 26/6/1360 [23 August 1981]

Enclosure -----


Mr. Behzad Janami Najafabadi

Dismissed from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

The Islamic Republic of Iran is answerable before the revolution of the Iranian nation and is [accordingly] unable to pay from the national treasury the salary and benefits of individuals who are followers of the fabricated perverse Baha’i sect; [furthermore] the majority of the members of their National Assembly are traitors including:

1. Major General Mogharrebi, Russian spy

2. Brigadier General Dr. Riazollah Ghadimi, SAVAK[i] physician

3. Colonel Naji.....fugitive

4. Dr. Shapour Rasekh, SAVAK collaborator and fugitive

5. Dr. Mehri Rasekh,  teacher of [the Pahlavi] prince, fugitive, and as well as hundreds of similar individuals. In fact, in accordance with legislation passed in 1301 [1922] employment of such individuals is prohibited and all funds [they have] received from the public treasury must be reimbursed [by them].

On behalf of the Agriculture and Rural Development Minister






[i] The former [Pahlavi] regime’s intelligence service