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Ministry of Post, Telephone and Telegraph



From Kashan to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: 17252; Telegram Number: 320, Number of Words: 149, Date of Original: 15 Bahman 1328 [4 February 1950], Date of Receipt: 15 Bahman 1328


The Office of the Prime Minister

Copy to:

Minister of the Interior

Director, Iran’s Red Lion and Sun Society

Head, Police Forces

Ettelaat Newspaper


Is it befitting for the city of Kashan to destroy the respected station of doctors? [Is it appropriate that] a doctor such as Dr. Berjis, who has served the residents of Kashan for over 35 years and has treated his patients free of charge throughout his life, be invited to their home to visit a patient and as a result of intentions born of hatread, be savagely decapitated with a knife and be [repeatedly] stabbed, suffering hundreds of knife wounds?? Is this the reward meted out to a patriot and a person who has served the people?  Is this the reward given to a caring doctor?


We are earnestly beseech justice from the high ranking authorities, to whom we appeal to find and punish the perpetrators.


Brothers of the martyr:  Professor Berjis, Shamsi Mozaffar Berjis, Mohsen [Mousa] Berjis, Amir Berjis, children of the martyr [Dr. Berjis]:  Dr. Houshang Bedrjis, Dr. Mansour Bedrjis, Naser  Berjis, [who is] a medical student.



[Stamp of the Telegraph Office – Tehran]

[Stamp of the Directorate of Ministers, Number 13440, Date: 16 Bahman [13]28 [2 February1950]

[Handwritten note:] Action has been taken, to be filed