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21/10/1371 [11 January 1993]

Enclosure -----


Islamic Republic of Iran


Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor

The respected Head of the Article 90 Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly



In response to Mrs. Shoaieh Mir-Aftab’s complaint, number 6-10984, dated 31/6/1371 [22 September 1992], in regards to her objection to the [seizure] of her residential home, [the following] is declared:

The [decision] to seize the assets [belonging to] the above-mentioned [woman] and her father and brother is confirmed and [declared to be] final by the president of [Branch 1] of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice, with the jurisdiction granted to it by the grand leader.  The Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor has no authority other than to execute the final verdicts.

Legal Deputy

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