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Political, Security and Social Office

Security and Disciplinary Affairs Office



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Interior

Provincial Governor General’s Office of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad


Date: 5 Aban 1400 [27 October 2021]

Time: 8:6:38

Number: 1400/74/23/9212

Enclosure: -----

Urgency: -----


In the Name of God

Manufacturing, Supports and Servicing

Dear Governor of the City of Dena,

Subject of Communication: Objection letter


Respectfully, a copy of an objection letter, dated 1 Aban 1400 [23 October 2021], from some inhabitants of Kata Village is enclosed concerning publication of statements on the internet under the heading of auctioning irrigated lands in the above-mentioned village. Please order an investigation and necessary legal action.


Ebrahim Fattahpour

Director of the Security, Disciplinary,

Citizens and Foreign Immigrant Affairs Office



  • Political, Security and Social Office for information
  • Security and Disciplinary Affairs Office for information
  • Mr. Nateghi for record


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