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In the Name of God

Esteemed Head of Execution of the Imam Khomeini’s Order [EIKO] of the Province of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad


It is respectfully conveyed that:

Further to the objections in relation to the advertisement for the auction and sale of the parcels of land owned by us, the signatories in Kata Village, since the cancellation of the advertisement for auction has not yet been announced by that institution, a number of the owners of the irrigated agricultural lands in the subject village point out again that the auctioned parcels of land are our properties, of which we have had and continue to have ownership either through inheritance or personal acquisition. The auctioned parcels of land are the only source of income and work of these parties and the sale or any action by that institution with respect to cancellation of our ownership will cause severe damage to our livelihood and lives. Owing to the fact that the action of that institution is in every way contrary to the luminous Faith [Islam] and contrary to the laws related to individual ownership, including the Constitution, Civil Law, registration law and so on, and is considered as a clear violation of the ownership rights of these parties, we request again that you immediately take action to cancel the advertisement for auction, and also announce the cancellation.




  1. Governor general of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province
  2. Governor’s Office of the City of Dena

For the purpose of preventing the actions contrary to laws and regulations



[Imam-Gholi Rastinejad- Kouchak Rahiminiya- Sahabeh Parandoush- Javid Parandoush- Allah-Reza Khastar- Masoud Armin- Hasanollah Davardan- Jan-Ali Rasteh]