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In the Name of God

On 12 Esfand 1368 [3 March 1990], in a special session at Civil Court 1 of Abadeh, the meeting was held with the presence of the deputy of Criminal Court 2 and the undersigned.  In this file, Azizollah Golzar, resident of [redacted], submitted a complaint against Fereidoun Sajjadi and others [illegible] in a transaction [illegible].  Due to the fact that the transaction with sect [illegible] is unlawful and following the commentary and [illegible] and complaints about the issued contract, the Public Court of Abadeh, in view of the contents of the file, announced the matter closed and the following verdict was issued.

Court verdict: The objection of Mr. Azizollah Golzar to verdict number 1944, dated 26 Bahman 1368 [15 February 1990], issued from the general court of Abadeh in relation to Fereidoun Sajjadi and others in accusation of unlawful transactions is rejected.  The verdict issued was based on the contents of the file and the complainant has not produced any evidence to void the verdict; [therefore,] his objection is overruled.

Court Proceedings of Civil Court 1 of Abadeh

Karimiyan [illegible]

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