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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of Roads [and Transportation]

National Iranian Railways



Number: 8664

Date: 10/4/1341 [1 July 1962]


Employee number: [redacted]


Mr. Ehsanollah Faridian - Assistant driver Area: Tehran

According to Articles: 23-19-18-5 of the Railways Employment Act, and the by-laws approved by Cabinet in Khordad 1335 [May 1946], you are are officially hired as an employee of the railway effective 1/1/1341 [21 March 1962] and your employment status is as follows:

1- Trade: Services and Factories

2- Grade 1/One

3- Monthly Salary: 4200 rial

The pension deduction is 8%, and the first month’s salary will be credited to the retirement fund. All your past services are formally considered as employment if all the pension deductions have been made [for those years].

National Iranian Railways