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Prime Minister

Khordad 1323 [May/June 1944]

Copy: A report of Iranian Embassy in Baghdad [Iraq]

Number: -----


Assistance of the Baha’is during the War


The Ministry of the Foreign Affairs,


The Iraqi newspapers, according to the news from London, have published some articles about the Baha’is, the translations of which are written below:

President Roosevelt, in a message sent to the youth affiliated with the “Junior Youth Association”, has congratulated all the Baha’is around the world for the occasion of the hundred-year anniversary of the birth of the Baha’i Faith, and has encouraged them to assist in this war that is against the forces of evil, without any doubt or delay.  The president [Roosevelt] said that it is only through these united and sincere efforts that we can hope for our protection and safeguarding, and access the most real and vital freedom for the masses of humanity that are under pressures of tyranny and persecution, and that we are currently fighting for the freedom of religion.  On the other hand, Sir Ronald Straus, who was the master of ceremonies for the celebration of the Centenary (100th Year) of the Birth of the Baha’i Faith at Ayman Hall [?] at Westminster in London, said during his speech that the number of the Baha’is has reached over two million and that about eight hundred thousand of them are in the United States of America, and he referred to the Baha’i beliefs, which are based on unity, brotherhood, and peace.


Consulate General



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