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20 Jamada t-Tania 1437

30 March 2016[1]





Subject: Freedom [Illegible:]


I am Alhan.  Today’s subject is freedom.


Some people don’t like others to be free or have liberty.  But others would like everyone to be free and have liberty.


For example, I would very much like for the Baha’is to be freed.  The crime of the Baha’is is that they follow the Baha’i Faith.  But this is not a crime.  It is affection for a religion, not a crime. This is loving a way of worshiping God, it is not a crime. God-willing, everyone will have a pure heart and be full of prayers for freedom.


[Drawing of a heart:]  The End




[1] [This text written on a page of calendar and the date does not necessary reflect the actual date of this document]