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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Alláh-u-Abhá, Teacher’s name: Mr. Ismailzadeh


During the last class at school, we had a Persian [literature] lesson and suddenly, in the middle of the lesson, Mr. Ismailzadeh mentioned the Baha’i religion, saying that it was not a worthy religion, and that we should avoid it.  I spoke up and said, “What you are saying is nonsense.” After the bell rang I went to the school principal to talk to him.  The school principal told me he would talk to the teacher.  Then the school principal said [to Mr. Ismailzadeh], “You came here to teach, not to talk about religion.”  The next week in class, Mr. Ismailzadeh said “Dana, you went to the school principal to complain that I spoke about your religion.” A few of my friends supported me [by saying] that we were going to the education department to complain.  Since then, he does not allow me to contribute to the class.