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Following letter number 12 H 20 / 20171- [dated] 17/01/1336 [6 April 1957] of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security, Tehran [branch], you are directed to inform this unit of any actions or suggestions concerning the five members [of the board] who are mentioned in the attached letter.

Also, since the meeting of the aforementioned [group] appears to be in opposition to Baha’i sect, and based on [our] information that Haj Sheikh Mahmoud Zakerzadeh (Tolaie), known as Halabi, is one of the organizers of this meeting and is collaborating with Section 21 of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security in Tehran, it is advisable to consult with him [Halabi] concerning any information about the said meeting, before summoning others.


Head of the Intelligence Unit of the Joint Anti-Sabotage Committee - Naseri

23/01/1336 [12 April 1957]



Connection between the leaders of The Hojjatieh Society with SAVAK[1]






[1] [Intelligence and Security Organisation]