[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Number: 325

Date: 22/7/1363 [14 October 1984]

Enclosure: Letter Number 324


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Department of Education of Karaj County


In the Name of God

To:  Department of Education of Karaj County, District 2

From: Boys School of Qalam Number 2

With due respect: This is to introduce to you the parent of the student Omid Taghizadeh, grade 4 student of this school, about whom I wrote to you  in  letter number 324- [date:] 21/7/1363 [13 October 1984]

In anticipation of the victory of the Warriors of Islam

School Headmaster


[official stamp]

22/7/1363 [14 October 1984]

Enclosing herewith letter number 324 - [date:] 21/7/1363 [21 October 1984] for your attention