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In the Name of God, the Exalted

[1 March 1993]

Honourable Authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran


I, the undersigned, Nosratollah Khalighi, am [an Iranian] living in the USA, and would like to submit to your attention that:

My wife and I worked for many long years at the Ministry of Education, and Telecommunication Company of Iran respectively, and served our countrymen in utmost sincerity, in the hopes that in old age we would reap the benefit of our service and live in our beloved country in peace. However, apparently in a conspiratorial manner and in violation of regulations and Islamic laws, all our assets, movable and immovable, including our residential home in Isfahan [address] were forcibly and unlawfully expropriated.

I hereby request the return of my movable and immovable assets, and ask that my claim be processed in accordance with the codified laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The End


Nosratollah Khalighi

[contact details in the US]